Safe furniture, made  in Germany.
In  the  tradition  of  Carl  Kästner, 1846

Almost 200 years ago, Carl Kästner of Leipzig reinvented the safe as an attractive

piece of furniture. A game of sophisticated concealment, then as it is now: no one would suspect hard steel beneath such an appealing shell. The Swiss safety lock and the hinges integrated invisibly into the elegant stainless steel feet tenaciously resist unauthorized advances.

Carl Kästner affords reassuring security to the things one wants to know protected, but also readily accessible. From unforgettable love letters to jewels passed down the family to valuable business documents. And if one needs to discreetly conceal items of value at home or at the office, there is an option to integrate a VdS-certified safe. High time that Carl Kästner ’s innovative idea experienced a revival.

Then as now, it is a discreetly strong signal made in Germany. The new charm of safe furniture … living with security can be so attractive!